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My MOT is overdue - What should I do?

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My MOT is overdue - What should I do?

Hamish Wilson

You CAN drive without an MOT - but only in these circumstances

Although we try to advise all our customers when their MoT is due on their vehicle, sometimes the test goes overdue and that creates a big problem because driving without an up-to-date MOT certificate will NOT be taking lightly by authorities.

But, there is a way you can drive without it - providing you meet certain requirements.

Those driving without an MOT certificate risk hefty fines and, should they cause a crash, the cost of repairs.

Worryingly, a third of drivers admit to driving their cars without a valid certificate. Typically, they tend to drive their motors in the first two weeks of their certificate running out.

bur fear not........You CAN drive without an MOT - but only in these circumstances:-

  • You’re only allowed to drive your car when its MOT has expired if you’ve booked an MOT and are driving to the test centre.
  • If you’re stopped by the police on the way, you’ll have to be able to prove that you have an appointment.
  • If your car fails its MOT, you can only drive it if the previous year’s MOT is still valid (i.e. the test took place on a date earlier than last year’s).
  • If your vehicle is deemed ‘un-roadworthy’ the above doesn’t apply and you can’t drive it.
  • MOTs can be done anytime within the 12 month period before the existing MOT expires.
  • Retesting should be free if the necessary repair work has been carried out and the re-test completed within 10 working days of the original MOT test.
  • Exemptions – The following vehicles are exempt from VAT rules: Tractors, goods vehicles that run on electricity, vehicles less than 3 years old and cars and motorbikes made before 1960.
  • Fines – A fine of up to £1,000 can be levied, and a vehicle possibly impounded if it’s found to have an invalid MOT certificate.

Want to learn more about MOT's? Check out the government's MOT guidelines for more information.