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Give your car the look and feel it deserves

Top Tips

Give your car the look and feel it deserves

Hamish Wilson

Make sure your car is looking the part for the summer sun

With all the sunshine we've been enjoying recently, what could be worse than not having your car looking the part? 

Car Clinic reveals the best way to give your car the look and feel it deserves.

Nothing less than perfect! 

  1. Thoroughly prewash and follow up with a complete wash.
  2. Treat your car to a careful underbody wash to remove remains of the winter season and protect it in future.
  3. Our tip: Remove the remaining water off the paint work by taking a leather towel, holding it by two corners and pulling it softly over the paint work.
  4. When the leather is moist, wring it out firmly and continue this procedure until the paintwork of your car shines brightly.
  5. A micro fibre cloth, a vacuum cleaner etc. will help you making the inside of your car look as new.
  6. In addition an engine wash can remove dirt and old oil making your engine purr like a cat again.